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Why Griffith? Why?

So I just watched Red Dirt. Such a really good film. Just a heads up I am going to post two synopsis' hear. The frist one with out spoilers and the second one full of them. The first one is from imdb.com and the second one by me.

Red Dirt is a story with two main themes: claustro- and agoraphobia, literal in the case of our protagonists' dotty Aunt Summer, and more abstract in the portrayal of cousins Griffith (desperate to escape town) and Emily (resigned to sharing her female relatives' fate of never leaving); and the difficulty and pain of expressing love, and changes in love. When a stranger, Lee, comes to stay at their farm, he acts as a catalyst that eventually brings all their secrets out of the woodwork, and it hurts as much as it sets everyone free. 

Ok so here come the spoliers.

So you start out with Griffith and Emily lying on the ground talking. During the conversation you find out they are sleeping together. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Ok I am better now. Griffith’s aunt Summer, when you first meet her you think the bitch is crazy. You find out that Griffith’s mother and father died in a car accident when they hit a patch of ice and fell off a bridge. Griffith rents out the cottage of, cannot remember the lady who died name. Lee ends up renting the cottage. He ends up just helping restore the place instead of pay rent. Lee and Griffith become good friends real quick and that makes Emily jealous. She can tell that something is up with their relationship but that does not come until later. Lee and Griffith continue to get closer and end up taking a blood oath to leave Pineapple together. Emily and Griffith end up sleeping together again. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

 While Lee and Griffith are off together Emily ends up spending time with Summer and helping her get better. You find out that Summer really is not crazy she just has anxiety issues. Lee tells Griffith that it is time to leave. Griffith asks for another week to get things together. Griffith tells his aunt that he is leaving and she is ok with it. She just wants him to not leave with any anger in him. Emily talks to Lee and finds out that he and Griffith are leaving together. Emily runs in to Griffith on her way home and thy get in to a fight. Griffith ends up telling Emily that he cannot see her for a while.

 Emily takes Summer back to her house where she talks to her sister who she has not seen or spoken to in years. You then find out that Summer had slept with her sister's husband and that Griffith really is her son but she gave him up to her sister to raise. Then you learn that there really was no ice on the road that the sister basically drove the car off the bride. Shocking stuff.  Emily goes to talk to Griffith later that night. She basically ends up telling him she took Summer to visit her mom. The end up talking about Lee and tells him that he is in love with Lee. Griffith gets pissy with her. She slaps him, he kind of start to rape her, I think, but stops when she tells him to get off her. Griffith goes to Lee. He gets pissy because he still will not admit that he loves Lee. They get in to a fight and Griffith tells him to leave. Then Griffith gets all depressed.

Lee goes to leave and tells every one buy. Emily tells Lee that Griffith is in love with him and that she is leaving for New Orleans. Summer tells Griffith the truth about his mother/aunt. Emily leaves and every one is sad. Lee shows back up to Griffith's house to say goodbye. He goes to the cemetery where he says his goodbye. Griffith emits that he really loves him and that he would be an idiot to ignore it. They kiss and then Lee ends up leaving. Which made me very sad.

Lee is played by Walton Goggins. The guy who is the buddy of Michael Chiklis on The sheild. All is all you shoudl watch the movie because it is fan fucking tastic. I am going to make a few icons later.



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