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Ganked from stargazer60

 We all love music and we all hate music. List five music artists that you can't stand, and five that you can't live without. Then tag five people.

I can't stand:

1.  the new Nightwish. Ever since Tarja left and was replaced by Annette they have sucked. They are a sad mockery of what they use to be
2.  Carrie Underwood. The psycho bitch just needs to disappear.
3.  Rap in general. One of the most insulting and gerading geners there is
4.  Country. Do I really need to put a reason.
5. Green Day. Those bastards are responsible for all this GAP Punk.

I can't live without:

1. Nirvana (a band I literally owe my life to.) 
2. Seether
3. theSTART
4. Tarja era Nightwish
5. Romeo Void



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May. 30th, 2008 10:34 pm (UTC)
There's so much that I like and so much that I don't that it's impossible to choose.

I am SO with you on Green Day. And I remember way back in the beginning when I used to love them. Like before anyone knew who they were. Well, maybe about five or six people...
Jun. 2nd, 2008 05:03 am (UTC)
I first heard them when Dookie came out and thought. This has got to be the worse thing to happen to Punk ever. I was wrong it was just the beginning. But then I found The Distillers, still bummed that they broke up but am looking forward to Brody's new material, and my faith was returned.
Jun. 2nd, 2008 05:15 pm (UTC)
Cheer up... you could be down here, where every crap band on Bourbon St. is playing a cover (if you can even call it that) of 'Sweet Home Alabama'... which is why I never go there to hear music.

There are some little hole-in-the-wall places that you have to find on your own, with people actually playing decent, original music.
Jun. 3rd, 2008 03:57 pm (UTC)
Oh we have tones of shit here too. THe cloest music scene that is any good is in Atlanta and their rock scene is just really getting started.
Jun. 3rd, 2008 10:47 pm (UTC)
I'm so pissed that Tom Waits is playing Atlanta and not here.
Jun. 10th, 2008 05:49 am (UTC)
I am upset because I had to give up the True Colors tour for SCUBA Diving. Of all the dates for the trip they had to choose the one when they were stopping in Atlanta.
Jun. 10th, 2008 10:40 pm (UTC)
A couple of my friends up in Canada saw TC there in Toronto.

*turns green with jealousy*
Jun. 11th, 2008 11:20 pm (UTC)
Those lucky bastards. I will just have to stick with my B-52's and Cyndi Lauper albums.
Jun. 11th, 2008 11:58 pm (UTC)
I know, right? Well, at least you get to go scuba diving.
Make sure you bring some decent music with you!
Jun. 13th, 2008 06:32 am (UTC)
That will happen. I have over two cases of CD's that will be coming for the ride. I do not go anywhere with out at least one.
Jun. 13th, 2008 05:43 pm (UTC)
Nor should you. Because you never know what kind of shitty music you might get stuck listening to if you don't BYOCDs!
Jun. 25th, 2008 03:25 am (UTC)
Yeah I make sure I do not leave the house with out at least one of my cases in the car with me.
Jun. 25th, 2008 04:25 pm (UTC)
Fucking ditto!
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