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My thoughts on Queer as Folk.

Ok so I know I am behind the rest of the world but I just started watching the show. I am only seven episodes in to the first season and I am really enjoying it. And being the opinionated guy I am I have to give my thoughts on the characters so far. There may be spoilers for the first couple of episodes but there may be spoilers for those who have not seen the show.

So far there are only two characters that I love and have no problems with. That would be Debbie and David (sad that he is only in the first season.

Deb has to be the coolest mom ever. She is sarcastic but she has love in her heart for every one.

Dr. David. First off. OMG the fucker is hot!!. He was already really nice to look at when he first came on the show then he went topless and dear lord my brain melted.

The next two characters I like but they have minor things about them that get on my nerves. Michael and Ted

Michael - A really nice character. He is a great guy that has a lot more going on then he realizes because he is so up Brian's ass. He has the hots for Brain but he does not want to admit it. Because of that is tends to push people away. He starts to date David and it is like David has to compete with Brain for Michael’s affection. It annoys me that he has some one that hot who thinks he is hot and he cannot see it.

Ted - I can see why I got him when I took the Queer as Folk personality test. He is an a bit of an intellectual snob but he really is a nice guy. He has not confidence when it comes to himself. But he is a shallow bastard when it comes to dating and it is no wonder that he is single.

The next guy tends to annoy me a lot more then the other two but I still like him. 

Emmet - He is the flaming queen of the group, which tends to bug me, but he is being himself so I cannot diss like him for that. He reminds me of a friend that you think why am I friends with this person, then they do something that shows how much they care about you. So it makes sense.

Now the next two annoy the hell out of me. I do not hate them but then again I do not really like them either. Brian and Justin.

Brian - A first I could not stand him. He is a shallow egotistical bastard but he does care about his friends so he is not all bad. What bugs me the most about him was the fact that he knew Michael is in love with him and he uses it to his advantage. He wants to keep him single so he does a few things to try and drive Michael and David apart. (Which does not work. Another reason why I love David.)  

Justin - He is the type of 17 year old that annoys the fuck out of me. He is one of those little shits that knows everything and does not give shit if you try to give him advice because he is going to do it his way even if you know it will fail. And the fact that he is one of those fucks that will not leave shit when they should. I just want to smack him sometime but then again he is a nice guy he just needs to grow up.


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Jun. 14th, 2008 02:59 pm (UTC)
Emmet sounds like John! I really need to watch that show, you get it on dvd? if so, we need to have a movie night when I get home.
Jun. 15th, 2008 02:43 am (UTC)
Re: lol
He is except just a lot more flamming then John. I know that is hard to believe. I have the first two seasons on DVD and working on getting the other three.
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