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Dante's Cove

So I started a new show after I finished up with Queer as Folk. I had seen bits and pieces of it and I was curious about it and Barnes and Nobles and the three season of the show at the store so I figured what the hell. The show is a mesh of Dark Shadows, Melrose's Place, and Queer as Folk. It is set in the fictional town of Dante's Cove, where a lot of weird shit happens, mainly due to stuff related to Tresum (their magic on the show). The first and second season in my opinion is the same because there is no real break between the two. The same storylines are going on that were not finished in the first. Also the first season is really just one long movie. It is split in to two episodes but there is no real break so it is just one long episode. There is a hell of a lot of partial nudity and sex. During the first season the story line tends to take back set to it. But season 2 and 3 are much better as well is the acting. The first season is really bad but considering that this is the first professional job for many of the main characters it is not that big of a surprise.

Ambrosius Vallin - The man who was supposed to be the husband of Grace Neville there was just one minor problem he's gay. He pretended to be in love with Grace in order to learn Tresum. Grace find out and imprisons him. 200 years later Kevin and some how he has learned Tresum accidentally release him. For the first and second season he becomes obsessed with making Kevin his asperrit. He is an alright character but I find it rather amusing that an upper class gentle from the early 19th century would have an Asian symbol tattooed on his arm. It is also kind of funny hearing his characters accent slip in and out. For some reason his natural accent is that of a posh Englishmen (the character not the actor) and when he gets up set it slips out.

Kevin Archer - He starts out as Toby's boyfriend. At first he is not comfortable with a real relationship with a man. He tells his mom he is gay and moves in with Toby in Dante's Cove. During the first two seasons he is more a pawn in Ambrosius game but by season three he becomes an active player.

Grace Neville - She starts out as the evil character. She is madly in love with Ambrosius for the first two seasons. She even kills Kevin in season one because Ambrosius is in love with him. But part way through season two she becomes neutral. She mentors Van when she starts practicing Tresum. In season three she mellows out a lot more and she becomes almost one of the regulars living at Dante's Cove. I really started to like her character. She had this hilarious line. She was talking with Toby about modern dating practices. And se makes a statement that she thought that Toby and Adam were together. "Aren't you with someone one? The one who says 'dude' a lot and apparently doesn't own a shirt." I found it hilarious because I made the comment earlier that men's shirts were more rare then Diamonds in Dante's Cove because the guys are rarely wearing them.

Toby - He the genuinely nice guy. He is the type of guy that if he likes you he would give you the shirt of his back, that is if he is wearing one to give you. Van is his best friend. Kevin is his boy friend until part way through season 3 (but I do not think they are done yet). And Adam is his oldest friend. He hates Ambrosius because he is trying to take Toby from him.

Diana Childs - (Played by Thea Gill, AKA Lindsay from Queer as Folk) She enters in season two. She is the sister of Grace and she introduces us to the Sun House of Tresum. You find out that her father was the practitioner of the Sun House of Tresum but her mother killed him because she thought it would make Grace more powerful. Diana in the second season is supposed to return balance to Tresum and bacilli reinstate the Sun House. She is the one who had been teaching Ambrosius Tresum.

Adam - An interesting character. At first he is straight. You find out that him and Toby have been friends since they were five I believe. In season 2 he is replaced with another actor but they continue his story line. During season 2 he becomes a junkie and you find out that he has been in love with Toby since high school. He spends season two trying to get Toby to love him back. Then in season 3 after Kevin is made Ambrosius' asperrit Toby think that Kevin has fallen in love with Ambrosius so he and Adam start dating (not sure if it will last through season 4).

Van - She is my favorite character so of course they kill her off. The women who played her, Nadine Heimann, wanted to do something else so at the beginning of season 3 you find out that she died. But I do not know why they just did not do what they did with the Character of Adam and Michelle, and just get another actor to replace her. But she is the Lesbian best friend of Toby. She is also the cast member that starts practicing Tresum. 


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Jul. 16th, 2008 12:34 am (UTC)
I've only seen the first season of this show...thought it was strange...but enough for me to put seasons two and three in my netflix queue...

I'll get to them eventually...glad to hear it gets even more interesting...
Jul. 16th, 2008 04:55 am (UTC)
Season two really wraps up season one. And the acting gets so much better in the next two seasons. Season 2 has some pretty bad moments but season 3 is pretty good.
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