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Finished series 4 of Dr. Who

I still prefer Martha over Donna but Donna was still a pretty kick ass side kick. The only sidekick I could never get in to was Rose. I do not know what it was about her but she just tended to bug me. I liked all the episodes.

There will probably be spoilers ahead so read at your own risk

The only one I almost was not able to finish was Midnight and that was just because of all the damn people talking at one time. I was really interested to see what Jenny is up to. Would be a pretty neat spin off I think. I have to say that I was not liking Turn Left  at all. It was a great episode and it was neat to see how everything was different if Donna had never meet the Doctor (to be honest I am still confused how he stayed dead after the Runaway Bride episode). But they killed my Martha and Ianto in that episode and as you know you do not fuck with my characters. I am very possessive of them. And speaking of Martha damn she was hot speaking German. To bad Freema signed with ITV because it looks like we will not be seeing much of Martha Jones in the Torchwood of Doctor Who future.


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