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March 21st, 2014

Random Teen Wolf post.

Have been meaning to post this for a bit but when you get up at 2 in the morning to go to work you tend to be tired and forget things. It is times like this that I am glad that I do not watch a lot of shows. I have like four that I actually watch. I find it funny that I still have scheduling issues because two of them come on the same night. Watching Warehouse 13 and Teen Wolf was always a pain in the ass because they both came on Mondays. They use to be an hour apart but my old job did not close until 9 and that was when Teen Wolf started and then it's repeat would come on at 10 which was when Warehouse 13 came on. Then because the TV gods hate me Teen Wolf got pushed back to 10. So that in turn meant that I had to miss one to see the other no matter what. There are 52 weeks in a year but for some reason the 12 episodes of each show always seemed to line up. Warehouse 13 would start and then a month later here comes Teen Wolf to make things complicated. But since SyFy sucks the coming up season of Warehouse 13 is going to be its last because they like to focus on their crap shows and not their really good ones like this one or Eureka. But thankfully this time around the second half of the third season of Teen Wolf did not conflict with Warehouse 13. On to random rambling about Teen Wolf.

Just a heads up I am going to talk about what has aired so far so if you are not caught up then look away.

Before the season even started we were basically told that one of the main characters was not going to make it out alive so that was fun to deal with until the show started. And I have the worst luck when it comes to picking favorite characters or just liking characters in general. It seems all the ones I like end up being killed off. So you tell me that you are killing off a main cast member and my first thought is great it's going to be Stiles. Watching the season it still seemed liked Stiles was the one not going to make it out alive with the whole being possessed by an evil Japanese fox demon and killing innocent people. You tend to die when you kill innocents on this show. Though they could have went the whole Jackson/Kanima route and since he was not in control and spare him. As the season went on I started to think that Stiles was too much the obvious choice and that it might be someone else, Alison in particular. Now I knew it wasn't going to happen but I wanted Scott to bite the big one. Out of the main cast he is the only character that I do not care about. But you cannot really have Teen Wolf with out your Teen Wolf. We still have an episode left so I am not out of the water yet. Stiles is dying and there is no clear cut way to save him let. I do not think the would take out two main cast members in the same season but hell Torchwood did so why not Teen Wolf?

While I have loved this season with Stiles being possessed I have missed the comedy that his character brings. The show has always been a bit on the dark side but I did not realize how much Stiles makes it that much more bearable. This season has been kind of hard to watch with out the bit of comedy that he supplies. I enjoy dark. American Horror Story is dark as hell and I love it. But Teen Wolf has always had that bit of comedy that keeps it from being to overwhelming.

The last thing that has been bugging me is Danny. I love the character so much but they are not doing shit with his character. It is like he gets screen time when they need a hot dude to take his shirt off and they have used all the other guys already. Now do not get me wrong Danny is hot like fire, best looking dude on the show in my opinion, but he can be so much more than just eye candy. He is dating a werewolf so just take the extra step and introduce him to the world of the supernatural and give him some more screen time. Move him from really hot dude without a shirt to really hot dude without a shirt that actually has some what of a storyline and does stuff besides standing around being really really good looking.


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