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I feel the need to bitch and complain.

Work was a pain in the ass today so to take my mind off the annoying customers I ended up talking about one of my favorite topics X-Men. It was really a carry over from Tuesday when I went to Barnes&Nobles to see if they had the Ultimate X-Men book (which the did) and I ended up talking to some random army guy about the comic. Which in itself is kind of a feat for me because I do not talk to random strangers. I eventually was talking to my friend Julie about the two big things that annoy me in the X-Men Universe Cyclops and Northstar.

I use to love Cyclops when I first got in to X-Men. He was my second favorite character after Storm. I thought he was one of the coolest of all the X-men and I was surprised to find out that not a lot of people felt that way. Turns out not of lot of people like the Boy Scout. I liked the fact that Scott was a by the book kind of guy. With him it always seemed that he had a clearly defined sense of right and wrong. I really liked that about him. He was not morally ambivalent like some of the other characters. I can see how people would think that he could be kind of boring but when you factor in that he was the leader of the X-Men and the responsibility that came with that you need some one who is going to make the rational decision and not put the people under his command at more risk than need be. But ever sense Jean Gray's most recent death they have changed Cyclops. To be honest the change really started to happen when he had a telepathic affair with Emma Frost (dirty bitch). When that crap happened I was appalled. The Cyclops I was a fan of would have never done that. And it really has just kept getting worse. He has made black ops X-Force that is designed to take out possible treats. I am hoping that when they bring Jean back we will get the old Cyclops back too.

Now with Northstar it is nothing he has done that annoys me it is what they have done or really what they have not done with him that annoys me. Northstar was the first gay character in the Marvel Universe. In came out in 92 and the fact that they did not kill him or turn him in to an extremely offensive stereotype was awesome. But it got annoying after a while when they never did a damn thing with that. Since he came out in 92 Northstar's relationships have consisted of a one sided crush on Iceman. The poor guy has been single for over a decade. He still has not even gotten to kiss someone. Why is it that some of the straight characters go through partners like they do dirty underwear but Northstar doesn't get at least one love interest that can develop past a one sided crush? Now if you have read my other X-Men rant you are probably thinking what about Colossus? That happens in Ultimate X-Men, which is a completely different X-Men. Ultimate X-Men is not like an alternate reality like Age of Apocalypse or Days of Future Pasts it is a complete different retelling of the X-Men time. It starts the whole X-Men story line over again in present time. In Ultimate X-men Northstar finally gets a boyfriend but in the main Universe he gets nothing until he is finally killed by Wolverine then brought back to life as an evil zombie assassin then he was later deprogrammed an is now good again but still hopelessly single. I just do not get the point of outing a character and doing nothing with him. Wait take that back they have used his sexuality to change a couple of homophobic teammates. To me it seems a little insulting to out a character and then keep him single for 17 years. I can see trying to push the boundaries of what is acceptable in comics but are you really doing that much when you do nothing more than just have a character come out? To me know you do not.


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