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Ir's meme time

Saw this over at fanfromfla's page and being the meme whore I am I had to do it. Here is the run down.

Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

My five words are

Music, Oz, Georgia, gay soap pairings, memes

Music: I am sure most of you have noticed that music tends to be a big part of my life. No matter what I am doing I like to have music playing. In fact I find it harder to concentrate when I do not have music playing. So things like writting papers or reading a book are next to impossible with out music playing. My taste tends to be very diverse. You can tell that when you open up my biggest CD case and the first two CD's you see are ABBA and AFI. And if it comes to having to choose between buying a new CD or going out to eat I will choose the CD.

Oz: My favorite show and it was my introduction to fandom. I bought the frist season of Oz after my plans for a summer trip to the UK fell apart. I had went all summer with out spending a single dollar of what I made because I was going to use it for my trip and when the trip never happened I decided to spend a little. I remember a high school friend talking about it in my English class so I figured "what the hell" I bought the frist season watched the first three episodes and bought the other three seasons (season 5 and 6 had not been released) the very next day. Oz is also how I meet the majority of the people on my F-list.

Georgia: Well the obvious explination to this one is that is where I live. But there is more to it then that. I have hate/hate relationship with this state. The biggest being the fact that I am extremely Liberal and as most of you know Georgia is a southern Bible belt state that is not known for welcoming those that are different. And I cannot stand the nine months of summer that we have. But all the bad stuff aside I do have to say that I have meet some really cool people that live here. If I was not from here I would not have meet my three closest friends (Julie, Rachel, and JC) who are three of the coolest people around. And I cannot forget that Georgia did give me some of my favorite bands. So I do have to give a little bit for the fact that The B-52's, TLC, and Gnarls Barkley all call Georgia home.

gay soap pairings: Ok this was one of those things that just happened by chance. I was screwing around on youtube and I ended up clicking on a video by mistake. It was like part 60 something of the Christian and Oliver story from Verbotene Liebe. It was entertaining I just had no idea what the hell was going on so I started back ar part 1. So after watching a bit I got hooked. The storyline had the typical Soap drama but it was nothing really over the top. And I love how the Germans were not affraid to back away from the relationship side of their story. There are a couple of gay characters in American soap and every now and then they have PDA but if you blink you are likely to miss it. I do not know if it is because the soap public is more accepting of the GLBT community or if they just do not give a crap whether or not they alienate some people. But it was refreshing to see all aspects of their life shown. And that led me in to Denis and Roman on Alles Was Zählt. And then I started watching Luke and Noah and As the World Turns. And then I found Kevin and Yann from Les Bleus.

memes Not a whole lot to say about these. They are a great time killer and you can find out some interesting things about people on here. And I just enjoy doing them and I tend to do a lot of them



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Jul. 20th, 2009 10:33 pm (UTC)
Close friends!
Yay, I'm cool! A week from Saturday, and I'll be home. Excited?
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