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Christopher Dallman, Race the Light. 2004

Singer/Songwriter Christopher Dallman was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, where he was alternately the shy-guy sleeping in the back of the classroom and the star of the school play.

He bummed around Boston for a couple years before landing in NYC, where he frequented such esteemed venues as The Living Room, The Bitter End, and Cb’s Gallery. After 5 years in the city culminating with the release of his debut album ‘Race the Light’ on Treasure Records, Dallman headed west to Los Angeles where he currently resides.

Christopher has toured theaters, clubs, and colleges NATIONWIDE as well as OVERSEAS, sharing the stage with such notable artists as Amos Lee, Jonathan Rice, Ellis Paul, Gregory Douglass, Ollabelle, Julia Darling, Rachael Sage, and Casey Stratton.

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Track List:
1. Motel Room 3:00
2. This Is Calm 3:23
3. Mistake 2:47
4. Green Camaro 2:48
5. The 7th of September 3:19
6. Nighttime In the City 3:37
7. Brand New Lover 4:12
8. Over My Head 4:02
9. Hollow High 3:40
10. Driving to You 4:17
11. Dragonfly 3:13

Links to youtube

Download the album here.


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