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Sacha Sacket, Shadowed. 2004

Artist Info:

West Coast singer/songwriter Sacha Sacket has been quoted as saying, “I am in love with unrequited love. I will write about that to no end.” And write about it he does, as it is a prominent theme for the Los Angeles resident, who has a knack for writing songs that are melancholy, brooding, and darkly introspective.

Sacket, whose work falls into the folk-rock and adult alternative categories, draws on an interesting variety of influences from different eras. The late British folk-rocker Nick Drake (born 1948, died 1974) is a definite influence — Drake, like Sacket, was known for writing a lot of somber, morose songs — and so are Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos; Sacket, in fact, has been described as a “male Tori Amos” (although his songs are more accessible and less abstract). And two people Sacket himself has cited as influences are England’s Radiohead and former Sugarcubes vocalist turned solo artist Björk (who is Icelandic).

Sacket plays piano as well as a variety of keyboard-related instruments. While he doesn’t exclude guitar, he doesn’t allow the piano or keyboards to take a back seat to it. And while he isn’t totally unique in that regard — Elton John, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Billy Joel were all piano-powered rockers — it does make him part of a minority.

Born in Tehran, Iran, to a British mother and an Iranian/Persian father, Sacket was only one year old when he moved to Los Angeles with his parents. After growing up in Southern California, Sacket began to acquire a small following on the L.A. club scene in the early 2000s. Alabaster Flesh, the singer/songwriter’s first album, was released on the independent Golden Sphinx Records in 2001; it was followed by Sacket’s sophomore album, Shadowed (also on Golden Sphinx), in 2004

Similar Artist:

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Track List:

1. The Prodigal 3:38
2. Kite High! 3:28
3. Sweet Suicide 4:14
4. Desire 3:58
5. At a Time 3:39
6. Cruel Attempt 4:01
7. Cockatoo 3:47
8. I Just Can't 4:55
9. Paris and September 4:40
10.Stuck in the Sunset 3:55
11. Shadowed 4:43
12. Palestine 2:36

Download the album here.


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