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Random thoughts

Just something I have been thinking about that have bugged me a little bit about what is going on in some soaps. Now I am very glad that I can make this rant because a few years ago the rant would be different. But I am getting a little annoyed with the lack of creativity when it comes to their gay and lesbian story lines. Like I said a few years ago this rant would have been about how their are either no gay characters or how the few gay characters were the only ones who never have a love interest but thankfully some progress has been made and we are seeing these characters get a full story just like every one else. But I am annoyed with how almost every storyline begins the same for almost all same sex couple start out the same exact way. We have a gay character who ends up getting the hots for a "straight" character and they go back and forth for a while (you're gay, no I'm no, yes you are, no I'm not, yes you are, no I'm not, yes you are, ok I really am) until they finally end up together. I feel the need to break it down with the show that I have watched so here we go. I am going to put it behind cuts because they could be spoilers and I hate being the guy who ruins things for other people.

Let’s start with the American soaps. There is the established Luke and Noah on As the World Turns (going to skip over the set up since it is well established) and on One Life to Live you have a story live that is developing between Kyle and Fish and it looks like this story line is starting the same way as Luke and Noah's. Kyle is out and Fish is the closet case. Apparently they dated in College and it got pretty serious. Fish ended up freaking out and they ended up in splitsvile. So a few years later they meet up again. Kyle has feelings for Fish but fish is "straight". Fish ends up dating Layla because he is straight. Kyle and Fish end up sharing a kiss. Then fish ends up going home to have sex with Layla to prove that he is straight. Kyle decides to move on and ends up getting a date with some dude at the gym and Fish being the heterosexual male that he is tries to sabotage Kyle's date by telling the new guy that Fish had gotten in trouble with the law. You know what a normal straight guy would do if they found out the guy that was in love with you had moved on. They have more back story than Luke and Noah did but it is still the same basic set up being used.

Now lets move on to the European ones. We have the well established Christian and Oliver story line from Verbotene Liebe, the on again off again soon to be back on story line of Deniz and Roman from Alles Was Zählt (do the same thing here was with Luke and Noah), and the developing relationship between Christian and Syed from Eastenders. Christian and Syed started out a little different in the aspect that it was the "straight" man who did the kissing at first. Christian got in to a fight Syed's family. The wanted him to "tone it down" which pissed him off as it should. Then Christian and Syed ended up getting in to a fight and Syed ends up kissing Christian. So there is a whole lot of flirting that turns in to get the fuck away from me for a while. And to prove that he is straight Syed proposes to his girlfriend. Recently Christian got bashed and it caused Syed to get a little more affectionate then a normal "straight" man would if a gay friend was bashed. But anyways this is going down the same path as the others. Although I do feel the need to say that Christian and Oliver were a little different when they started their storyline because they did not make it obvious that Christian was gay/bi when Oliver first kissed him.

But is it really to much to ask for to have a storyline that does not involve a closet case? But like I said earlier at least I can bitch about this now instead of having to bitch about how all the gay/bi characters were really asexual since they never get a boy/girl friend.

Also one thing I have found interesting about watching these shows is how the European ones have all done a bashing storyline while there have been none that I know of here in America. On Verbotene Liebe Oliver is bashed after a boxing match. Christian ends up beating Axel and coming out to everyone. Axel is pissed that he lost to a gay guy so he beats the shit out of his boyfriend. On Alles Was Zählt Roman is attracted by Bulle in the park on day because Bulle is trying to be a bully and Roman refuses to be scared of him. On Eastenders Christian is having a drink when a guy starts flirting with him. They end up going back to Christian's place and the guy ends up beating the shit out of Christian. I guess you could argue that Noah got bashed on As the World Turns but I do not count that. Luke, Noah, and Ameera were going some where and ended up having car trouble. The next morning two guys stop to "help". They are both drunk and try to force Ameera in to the car. I think fag is used once or twice and they hit Noah in the back of the head with a tire iron. I do not count it because it is to easy to argue that the guy was just trying to knock out Noah so he could get Ameera in the car just as easily was you could say he did it because Noah was gay.

Yes I know random but that is me.



Aug. 21st, 2009 04:12 am (UTC)
That's why I tend to stay away from soap, which isn't easy given the fact that i'm mexican those are like 80% of the shows aired down here.

Aug. 21st, 2009 05:19 am (UTC)
You guys have some really good ones too. My friend Ernesto was telling me about some of the ones he use to watch. I tried to avoid them but I got sucked in. I love drama and soap drama is the best out there.


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