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What the hell is going on?

Why are all of my soaps being messed up? If it is not crappy writing, then they are getting canned or an actor is leaving. Seriously only one of my stories is doing good right now. With the crappy writing we have two stories suffering: my favorite guys Christian and Oliver and Luke and Noah.

On Verbotene Liebe up until recently they had no story. What we had is Rebecca falling in love with Christian and Christian being completely oblivious to the fact that his "little sister" wants to jump his bones. Finally Oliver has a story line and is no longer a wall flower but sadly the storyline went from ok to just plain repetitive. Bascailly it breaks down to enter Rob. Rob is a big party promoter. Oliver wants No Limits to be a happening place. Christian get jealous of the fact that Oliver is so close Rob. Then surprise we find out that Rob is gay and has the hots for Oliver but for some reason Oliver is blind to the fact that Rob is trying to get Oliver mad at Christian. And Christian is to blind to see that the reason that Oliver is so infatuated with Rob right now is because this one guy can help him turn his bar in to the kind of place he has always wanted it to be and not that he wants to sleep with him.

And as far as Luke and Noah goes that stuff has been going downhill for a while which is why I am not surprised that As the World Turns is getting the plug pulled next year. But they have been doing this blind Noah story for a while and it is so tired by now. It is like they only wrote a month worth of story and have tried to use it for four months now. They have been fighting over the same stuff for quite some time. I get Déjà vu when I watch it. But they finally changed it up when they broke them up last week.

And then when they get really good stories they have to either cancel the storyline, Kyle and Fish, or one of the actors is leaving the show, Lenny and Carsten. Why is it so hard to get  good stories to last longer than a few months. So freakin' annoyed.



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Mar. 21st, 2010 05:41 am (UTC)
They are on the German soap Verbotene Liebe, means Forbidden Love. If you are interested in their story it starts here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRJkId-QJck There are English subtitles so you do not need to know German to understand it.

I can deal with sad stories but not just plain bad writing. I mean they have been dragging this operation story line out for ages now. And they keep having the guys get in to the same fight every time. I am by no means that good of a writer but I could write better shit that what they have had for a while. And it is just sad because both guys are doing a great job with their characters.


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