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X-Men randomness + possible future rant.

Now only part of this will qualify as a rant and well to be honest it will not be a rant because it is a little to early for it to be a rant because there is not enough information out there for it to qualify as a rant yet and I would hate to bitch like crazy now only to later take it back, But first with the good news. Feel free to ignore this because it is just going to show how much of a dork I am.

They are releasing an X-Men #1 in September that looks like it might be pretty cool. It is called The Curse of the Mutants and it involves the X-Men fighting against vampires. Now the part that I am looking forward to is that it looks like Jubilee will have a major part in it and it is about damn time. Since they have not made any efforts to either retcon the House of M storyline or give Jubilee her powers back I did not think we would be hearing much about her. But thankfully I was wrong and from what I have seen online it looks like the story could actually be pretty good so that is always a plus.

Now on to the possible negative. There are making a movie based of the X-Men series First Class which is about the first 5 mutants. My problem with this is that Emma Frost is in this movie. I could be wrong but I am pretty sure that I am not Emma is never in the series. I have no problem that I hate that character. She could disappear and never be heard form again and I would be glad. But that is not the problem I have. When it comes movie versions of Comics you would think that I would be a stickler for detail but I am not. I am pretty lose when it comes to keeping it like the comics. Because to me it is stupid to make a movie that is exactly like the comic it is based off of. But there are a few things that bug me when it comes to changes and if they try and change the original line up of the X-Men to make Emma Frost a member I will lose my shit. But like I said earlier I have not been able to find out what part she plays in the movie only that she is in it so I will hold back on the freak out for now.


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