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Love Inc.

I had been looking for these albums for a while and finally got my hands on them and figured I would share them.

Love Inc. was a very popular dance music act from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The act was formed by DJ/remixer/producers Chris Sheppard and Brad Daymond, with Simone Denny on vocals. The Sheppard and Denny combination previously worked together in the Quality Records dance outfit “BKS”, an acronym using the surname initials of South African born Hennie Bekker, Greg Kavanaugh and Sheppard. At that time, Daymond was an up & coming remixer/writer who had worked with the Nylons.

The group scored its first major hit on the Canadian pop charts with “Broken Bones”, which peaked at #6 in 1998, followed by “You’re a Superstar” which peaked at #11 that same year. “You’re a Superstar” also became the band’s only hit in the United States, where it peaked at #33 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1999. The singles “Who Do You Love” and “Homeless” followed in 1999.

In 1999 Daymond left the group to pursue a successful remix and production career with Alex Greggs as “Riprock & Alex G”. After Love Inc.’s self-titled album was released, Sheppard and Denny continued as a duo and in 2000 released Into the Night, which included the title track, “Come On (It’s Only Love)” and “Here Comes the Sunshine”.

Track List
1. Broken Bones
2. You're A Superstar (City of Love Club Mix)
3. Homeless (Trip Inc. Mix)
4. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
5. In a Galaxy
6. Be Who You Want To Be
7. Who Do You Love
9. C'est Fantastique
10. Why Don't You Take Me
11. Broken Bones (I Used to Sell You Things You Could Find on a Dancefloor)
12. You're a Superstar (The Dogwhistle Soundsystem)
13. In a Galaxy (Germany Calling)
14. Love Inc. Homeless (City of Love)

Download here.

Track List
1. Come On (It's Only Love)
2. Here Comes the Sunshine
3. Do Ya (Feel the Love)
4. Walking in My Shoes
5. It's a Rainy Day
6. Into the Night
7. All Around the World
8. Christine
9. My Prayer
10. I Feel Love
11. Come On (It's Only Love) (Clubmix)
12. Here Comes the Sunshine (Housemix)

Download here.



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