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Best day ever

So yesterday was the best day ever. Me and the best friend drove to Tampa from Savannah for an Eric Himan concert and it was fan freakin' tastic. So I still hate most of the roads in Florida and the majority of their drivers need their licensees revoked but you guys have some great billboard placement. There was this stretch of road that had this weird mix of anti choice billboards and a porn warehouse billboard and you guys have the best placement of them. There was a anti rape billboard that was immediately followed by the porn one and a porn one that was followed by the anti choice one. Great stuff.

We got to Tampa and the place we were at was called Play. It was a pretty awesome place. We got there a while before the show because I wanted to make sure that we had great seats because I was not driving my ass all the way from Savannah to Tampa and having a shit view,  But we go to eat and then head back to the place to stake our claim. We got seats right in front of the stage, AWESOME. So we are just hanging out enjoying the music being played and then Eric showed up. We go outside to smoke and by we I mean Julie went to smoke and I was there to keep her company I am thinking that one of the ladies who worked at Play mentioned that we had drove here for Savannah to see the show because he came outside and talked to us for a bit. And we got hugs for driving all the way from Savannah. And he even made the awesome offer of asking us if there was a song we wanted him to play. And of course I took him up on that because I really wanted to hear Clyde because it is my favorite and he played it. Then we talked about Tattoos for a while and then we went inside for the show.

So the show was fantastic. He played my favorite and Julie's favorite and he ended up playing mine and Stephen's song. And after the show we bought a couple of CDs for Julie and we got another hug. What was awesome about the second hug.was that I had already moved away from the stage and he called me back for the hug. I can die now. So yeah Eric Himan is probably one of the coolest people on the face of the Earth and I cannot wait until I can go to another one of his shows because I am still on cloud nine.


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Jul. 25th, 2010 02:31 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time :D Sounds like it was amazing.
Jul. 28th, 2010 01:46 am (UTC)
Re: Yay
It was nothing short of amazing. Probably one of the best concerts I have been to.
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