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Random fandom

So I realized that I have become kind of one sided when it comes to a lot of the different relationships I watch. It happened a few days ago when I was watching a few older Christian and Oliver episodes. It hit me that I really not that big of a fan of Christian. And by that I mean if Oliver had ended up with anyone else on the show I would not have really cared what happened to him. And just in case someone feels the need to jump on me. I am not trying to say that he is a bad guy or that I hate him just that he is not the reason I watch their scenes. But that got me thinking and I realized that it was like that with a few of my other fandoms even Oz. Up until season 6 I was a fan of both the guys but as the season when on I just got to the point where I did not like Toby anymore.

I finally had a favorite win a show. I do not watch that many reality shows but when I do I always have the bad luck of getting a favorite and they nromally make it pretty far but they never win. It was kind of sad because it always happened. I ended up liking a person/group and bam the get eliminate early or they make it to the finals but lose. But not this time. I am talking about Top Chef Just Desserts. Yigit was my favorite and I kept watching each episode expecting him to go home and he never did. Then it came down to the final three and I was expecting him to lose to Morgan but he didn't.

Speaking picking bad favorites I am really tired of the side characters that I really like in my show getting killed off or moving away. They put characters in to the storylines and I really like them and then they take them away but it seems as if I dislike stay around forever. I know it has been ages but I still miss Olivia. That had to be one of the lamest deaths in Soap history.

So not enjoying where the current Christian and Oliver storyline is going. They used up all the sappy romance that I can deal with during the wedding. Yes it was cute but there is only so much of that crap I can take and considering that it just happened they have not given me enough time to digest it and move on. Plus there is the fact that I just hate kids period and there is no amount of cute German or American couples that will change that.

Finally found someone who up loaded the rest of the Kevin and Yann story from Les Blues and I was not happy with the last season of it. I hate what they did with Kevin's personality.It was not a pleasant change from the guy we meet earlier in the season.

Fer and David has been getting better. Last season had Fer possibly sleeping with Yoli his female best friend. When both of their significant others found out they ended up dumping them because they lied about it. David ends up getting the hots for a new teacher so he does not want to take Fer back even though Fer keeps on trying. Yoli ends up developing feelings for Fer and for some reason Fer decides to date her for a bit but it does not last long. At the end of last season Fer decides that it is best to just be friends with David and Yoli. He wants to get back with David but he can tell David does not feel that way. David tries to start something with Jorge because he is supposed to leave the school but he had an offer to stay so he tells him that nothing will ever happen. The next season starts and David is trying to get back with Fer but Fer is not having it because he had a new boyfriend and because he knew that David had feelings for Jorge and that Jorge turned him down and that is why David is finally trying to get him back (do feel the need to add that during the last season there were times when it looked like David was going to try and patch things up with Fer but David would hear Fer talking with someone or interacting with someone and it made him think that Fer was over him so he would try even harder to get Jorge to like him).

I still miss Kyle and Oliver and Geoff and Pavel.



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Nov. 20th, 2010 10:02 pm (UTC)
Yigit was my second favorite. Danielle annoyed me at first but she grew on me, and then by the end she was my fave. But above all I did not want Morgan to win. He was an asshole. And most likely still is.

Anyway, yay Yigit!! I'm glad someone you liked best won, finally :)
Nov. 22nd, 2010 03:01 pm (UTC)
I was a fan of Danielle too. I would have been fine if she had won too. Not as happy as if Yigit but still very happy. But I am in the same boat with Morgan. He just annoyed me and seemed to be just a big bully.
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