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More random fandom

- Found out today that Russell Tovey is leaving Being Human. Lame. First Aidan now Russel. Not going to give up on the show but with out George the show is not going to be the same.

- Ok so remember back when I posted about the spoiler pick from Verbotene Liebe? Well it turns out the spoiler pictures were only a little bit of a tease but happy days are in the near future. Actually in less then a months time. Though I do have to say that I so totally called how they would get them back together again. Kind of trite but at least they are having happy time again.

- American Horror Story. Holy freakin' hell I am loving this show. It is right up my ally. Just dark and twisted and messed up. I grew up on Poe so I loved dark twisted stuff and it has been a while since there has been a show that really reaches down a grabs hold of the creepy side in me. Though I am pissed that they killed my favorite character in the fifth episode. Loved Zachary Quinto's get spot on the show. Was not so sure if I would like Chad at first but he won me over. Pretty sure that we will not see him again but would love for Chad to show back up. But then again I do have a major soft spot for Mr. Quinto so that might be what really won me over.


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