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Lets talk about movies.

I think it may be a record but I have seen two new movies this week. The first was Johnny English Reborn and it was fantastic but I knew going in to it that it was going to be great. I am a huge Rowan Atkinson fan and I grew up on Mr. Bean on PBS and I saw the first Johnny English movie when it came out and though it was fantastic. And this one did not disappoint at all. Went late at night and the friend I went with was the only other person in there which was a good thing because I probably would have gotten kicked out if there was anyone else in there because I was laughing so hard.

Other new movie I saw was Immortals and I liked it pretty well not nearly as much as Johnny English but it was still pretty good. I did learn that if there is an option to see a movie not in 3D that I need to take that option. The paying more was not the problem it was the 3D itself. I cannot do 3D very well. It makes me feel like I am drunk. It took me a good 30 minutes to get use to it. Plus I wear glasses so it was very awkward wearing a pair if 3D glassed over my own glasses.

Completely random movie related. Was watching Adam and Steve and a singer sounded very familiar to me. I did not recognize the song but it sounded a whole hell of a lot like Courtney Love singing. Did a little looking around and I was right. I love when that happens.



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