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Random post is random

So I am rocking an new banner that I made. I am pretty happy with the turn out and it came together surprisingly easy. I had two pictures that I want to use but it was a little to small so I added in a new one. The great thing about having high res pictures means that my perfectionist side was able to be shut up easily because when I finally shrunk it down so it would fit in the size of the banner. I might add a bored of some sorts later but I am happy with the coloring and the spacing so the main banner will not be changed.

Found a new artist and I am in love. I watched Shortbus earlier this week and feel in love the second I heard Scott Matthew singing Language. His voice is amazing and I have been listing to a bunch of his songs and have not found one that I do not like yet.

American Horror Story is still keeping me perfectly satisfied. Might want to skip over the next few parts if you haven't seen last weeks episode because I am going to talk about  I was very happy to see Chad back on last weeks episode. I was not expecting to see him again. Was a little surprise to find out that Nate was the Rubber Man. Going to make things really weird if Violet ever finds that her sort of ghost boyfriend knocked up her mother. I was never that big of a fan of Patrick but I felt really bad when we finally saw how he  died. It was brutal. And the scene at the very end was so depressing. I always felt bad for Chad but to see him reaching out for Patrick and not being able to make it. So sad.

Totally looked like a scene out of Psycho when I dyed my hair yesterday. Just a whole lot of red every where. Was kind of funny.

Not sure if I mentioned it before but I have a new pet. It is a beta fish. He ended up being name Simon because I realized that I had never named anything after my favorite Firefly character. He now has a friend a snail named Gary. I felt that I had to name the snail Gary because of all the Spongebob stuff that is in the tank. I've got Spongebob's and Squidward's house, and Patrick, Sandy, Spongebob, and Squidward figurines in there. Kind of had to do it.

Also: Woot 1000's post from me.


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