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This is a another hard one because there have been so many moments that I have loved. Her very first scene was just epic. And the fact that an episode earlier she was the one who made the electric panel thingy say knock knock was the shit. While it is not my favorite because it so is emotionally devastating the scene where she finds Steve's dead body. There was just so much about it that was so well done. Before when Pete looks in to the room and the shock that is on his face as he kind of stumbles leaving the room. And then the trying to get Claudia to go back to the car. The last "Please get back to the car" was a knife in the heart. Then that scream when Claudia finally finds Steve. But I think the one scene that has to be my favorite is the one in the final episode where she tells off Pete's mom Jane. Needless to say Claudia is devastated at losing her partner/best friend. Through out the entire episode she is not the Claudia that we know and love. She is always so happy and sarcastic but in the last episode she is just dead. She doesn't even have her trade mark streaks of color that she has in her hair in every other episode. But when he finally has that scene with Jane. Claudia gives her a piece of her mind and tears in to Jayne. I really needed that scene after Steve's death.

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