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Lets answer some questions

So if you are interested leave a comment saying so and I will give you 7 random questions.

These of the 7 that trillingstar gave me.

1. You've been exiled to a desert island for a year. Which fast-food restaurant would you want to be there with you? (Just one!)
2. What happened at your school's junior/senior prom? (Was there a theme? Anyone spike the punch bowl? Who was your date?)
3. Chris Rockway or Johnny Hazzard? (Or is there someone NEW in your life? :D)
4. In your opinion, what is chocolate's best pairing? (mint, raspberry, peanut butter, banana, etc)
5. Tell me about a moment in time when you were particularly proud of yourself.
6. Do you remember light brown M&Ms? If you could pick the colors for the M&Ms, what would you choose?
7. Hot Man Forest has five openings... who do you nominate??

1. I do not eat that much fast food. I have been a vegetarian for half my life so it is kind of difficult to find anything worth eating at a fast food joint. I do not consider pizza to be fast food but in order to answer this question I will just pretend that I do. So it would have to be between Pizza Hut and Papa John's. And while I love stuffed crust pizza I would have to go with Papa John's because of the garlic butter and because I do like their pizza a little better.

2. Not to sure what went down at my senior prom because I chose not to go to that one because my Junior prom was so damn boring. I do not live to far from Savannah but it is very rural so there was a lot of country that got played during the prom. My date was my girlfriend at the time Katie and we were just bored out of our minds. We danced a couple of times but ended up leaving after an hour. We ended up renting a movie and watching it at her place.

3. No matter who comes and goes in the industry I am pretty confident that Mr. Hazzard will always be my favorite. It is kind of funny when I think about it because he really does not have what I enjoy best when it comes to the male body that being body hair and muscles. I like my guys a little beefier than he is and with some body hair, which he has next to none, but there is just something about him makes him so lust worthy that it really does not matter about the other two things. But I do have two current favorites.

Sean Cody's Raymond (Has some body hair now but was trying to keep the pics work safe)

Scott Carter.

4. Cheese. It is a rather unusual one but I freakin' love it. I found it out when I was a little kid, My mom use to buy these chocolate cover graham cracker things. One day I was curious what it would taste like with a slice of cheese, Not sure why that thought popped in to my head it just did. I tired it out and it was amazing. Then I tired putting it in the microwave for a few seconds just to melt the cheese a little bit and it was one of the best things I have had. Still is one of my favorite treats.

5. This is probably going to sound depressing as hell but I cannot think of any moment where I was really proud of something that was something I had just done. But during my freshman year of high school marching band. Marching band is one of those things where it is all or nothing. You can play every note perfectly and hit ever single step but if the rest of the band is off it does not matter because it is all going to look and sound like crap. I am proud of all of my years in the band but there are a few different reason that I picked my freshman year. The biggest one being that it was the very first year that our band ever one a competition. They had always done well but were never good enough to win until my freshman year. The next reason being that I was able to do it in the first place because it was really freakin' hard. In my four years in the marching band I have never had music and drill that was that difficult. Music difficulty is rather on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being beginner and 5 being the hardest. When I was in eight grade we were playing on an upper 2 to 3 level which is very standard for an 8th grade band. That year our marching music was all level five. We jumped 2 levels in a matter of months. Not only was our drill difficult we got it late, Our first song had over 36 pages of drill to it and we did not get to start any of it until after band camp. Our first foot ball game we did not march during half time because we had only 4 practices to learn the first song we did not get it all done in time. The last one being that I stuck it out. I was hard work but I did end up loving it but my freshman year I almost quit because our band director was a huge fucking dick. I could not stand him and to only reason I did not quit was because it would have messed up the band. I am not saying that I was so important that the band would have fallen to pieces without me. Just that I had a spot on every page of drill and they would if had to adjust everything if I had quit. I had planned on not doing it again but then the director announced that he was leaving so I stuck around.

6. I do remember them. I would probably keep them the same. I like the current color line up. There really only has been two changes that I want and one of them was made already. When they added blue was back in the 90's I was super excited. They all taste the same but the blue ones are my favorite. When ever I get a bag I always save all the blue ones till the very end. The other change I would make would be replace the brown ones with black ones. Brown has always been my least favorite color of M&M's so I would replace it my other favorite color black.(Yes I am aware that technically black in not a color)

7. This one kind of goes back to number 3 and no I am not talking about nominating Johnny Hazzard. I am referring to the no matter if I have a current favorite there is always one guy who will be my favorite. Sean Maher. Have been in love with him since Firefly. Just like with Mr. Hazzard, Mr. Mayer falls in to the same category of not being as beefy as I like and (as far as I can tell from Firefly and Wedding Wars) not having body hair.

How could you not fall in to love/lust with that?



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Mar. 31st, 2012 03:33 am (UTC)
I love Papa John's and especially the garlic butter! Good call.

Oh, I'd forgotten about Scott Carter. I knew there was someone else. I have to say that I was disappointed with the Rockway/Hazzard RB scene. It felt kinda rote and after hearing JHaz say that he had a crush on Rockway... which I suppose could have been all hype, says the cynic in me, but. Oh well. Out of all the RB stuff, I thought JHaz's scene with Danny Harper was the best. /tangent He's not my ideal body type either (and so many tattoos! I like tattoos, but -- one review on his scene with Jarred Rex(?) said that it was like watching two paisley ties fuck, which made me LOL) but the man has that THING, that spark, sex appeal out the wazoo and charm and charisma to boot so, yeah. I hear you on the #1 status. *nods*

Chocolate + cheese! How interesting! I love peanut butter and cheese together, so it totally follows that chocolate would work well too. Wow. Maybe it's that combination of sweet & salty? Yum.

Black M&Ms sound snazzy! I like the Hershey's Drops that are basically bigger M&Ms but don't have the candy shell. They're darker but I guess still brown.

I love that photo of Simon! Er, Sean. Hehe. He looks totally lickable.
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