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On to Teen Wolf

So it seems that both of my Monday night shows wanted to upset me but for different reasons. I am going to put the rest behind a cut. I know technically what I am going to talk about is not going to be a spoiler but still I do not want to ruin it for anyone who may have missed it (since I had to catch the encore because of work)

I continue to be surprised by how good the show is. It is on MTV so a part of me keeps expecting it to turn to crap, I hope it doesn't but there is still that nagging voice. That it was cool that we learned that Alpha's can lose their status by other means than being killed though it made it pretty obvious to me that it meant that Derek was not going to be the Alpha at the end of the episode. But the episode was still really good. So you are probably wondering if the episode was so great why did it make me upset. Well I will tell you. The part at the party where everyone is having the hallucinations, about what I am going to guess is there greatest fears, is when it happened. Out of all of the hallucinations Stiles' was the only one that really seemed like it could of actually happened. In Alison's she shots herself, in Scott's Alison is doing it with the Kanima/Jackson, and in Jackson's you had that his parents not having faces but even before that they kept repeating the whole "We're his real parents. So none of them really effected me except for Stiles'. There was no supernatural element to his. It was just his Dad who was drunk blaming him for his mother's death. The things he was saying and the look on Stiles' face just ripped out my heart. And it did not help that it was my favorite character


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