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I'm not dead yet.

Though by looking at my journal it would appear the opposite. Just have a lot going on recently. Lets make this a catch all.

I've got a new roommate. It happened rather quickly. He is a coworker. His dad likes the alcohol but it tends to make him a bit of an ass. The new roommate ends up poping up at work (He lived right behind the store) and he mentioned he might not have a place to live. I like the guy so there was no way I was going to let that happened. I only had a couch to offer because it is only a two bedroom but he took it. I was talking with the best friend/roommate about how it is like we have a 19 year old son now between us.

Best friend/roommate found out about a month ago that she is prego. Needless to say her and the husband are excited as can be. I am happy for them though I am not looking forward to having a baby in the house in 7 months. And also it sucks to lose my sushi eating partner for 7 more months.

I have fallen utterly and madly in love with The World's Grumpiest Cat. I do not even like cats but I want one.

The house has a new pet. I bought an African Sideneck turtle and named him/her Cherepakha. (It's Russian for turtle.) When I went to get one he/her was kind of coming towards the lady I knew that was my turtle. He is kind of a fatty but very active for a turtle. He does not swim as much as just walks along the bottom of the tank.

Not much going on fandom wise. Still kicking myself for missing out on Oz Magi. Not a whole lot going on. Still a fan of Christian and Olli even though they have not done much since the split/getting back together last year. Hollyoaks is on the back burner. I was really enjoying Doug and Ste's realationship but it became kind of obvious that there were going to go the route of hooking up Ste and his abusive, murdering, drug dealing, psychopath ex. I do not want to say that the show is condoning domestic abuse but going to church for a week does not magically fix and abuser with horrible anger issues. So until Doug gets back from America that show is on the back burner.


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