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Playing catch up.

I only have two show that I watch that are on the air right now and because I have such amazing luck they both come on at the same time. Warehouse 13 started their season before Teen Wolf so I had a couple of weeks with out having to decided which episode to watch and which one top catch the encore. But to make things easy on me my cable decided to mess up on me so I cannot watch either one of them when they come on. I have to wait until they are put on Demand. So I am all caught up with Teen Wolf and Warehouse will happen tonight if the new episode.

So I am enjoying Teen Wolf so far. Still not completely convinced on the whole pack of Alpha's things but I have faith that by the end of the season that it will be explained. I am not sure if the  Lydia obsession is starting to fade or not but I like them two working together. Stiles is my favorite character but his obsession with her has always annoyed me. It would be nice to see his character grow and move past that. Because I am convinced that relationship would be a disaster. I loved last nights episode but I am sure that it made some Derek/Stiles shippers out there mad. As much as a lot of people want it to happen I just do not see it ever happening. I could very well be wrong but my gut tells me it is in the card. Also after last nights episode I am completely convinced that bisexual Stiles is completely cannon. And since I am kind of on the subject of Danny what was up with Finstock basically checking him out? Yeah he is kind of really hot but Danny student Finstock teacher. That is just all sorts of eww teacher. Also as much as I hated Harris I was sad to see him go last night. I like my villains killed off but he was just more a douche than a villain.


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