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My drug miss adventures

Just thought I would share two drug related stories stories with my livejournal friends. I find them a little odd but kind of funny. 

The first one happened in my home town of Savannah on the beach. I guess I have to explain that me being on the beach is a rare occasion. This happened in my Junior year of high school (I am not in my junior year of college and I still have not been back to the beach in the day time.) But I was just hanging out on the beach with five other friends. When I noticed this group of three guys dressed all in black. Now I have to admit if I was not on the beach I would have been dressed just like them, but who the fuck wears black pants long sleeve shirt, and a skulle on the beach in the middle of summer? But a few minutes later they walk over to us and ask me if they could score some pot. Ok out of all the people there I am the only one who has never smoked pot, but I am the one who gets asked for it.

The second  happened this summer. My best friend Julie and I were in the Birmingham Grey Hound station at three in the morning waiting for a bus to take us back to Savannah. When are leaving the little cafeteria thingy when this guys comes up to me and ask do I want some tabs. I respond that were are not from he so we do not have a tab because I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. It took a few seconds but finally Julie took over and got the guy to leave. She later explained ti me that the guy was trying to sell me pills. Yeah I felt like a major dumb ass when that happened. Just goes to show I have no clue about drug lingo what so ever.

P.S. thought I would add while we were in the Bus station we had an Oz moment. We were watching one of the seasons on my portable dvd player when the guy who was working in the cafeteria thing came up to us and asked what episode we were watching. Then we ended up getting in to a conversation about how awesome the Beecher/Keller story line was.

A side note: Every time I went to type beach I ended up typing Beecher instead.

Completely random. I jingle when I walk because of all the metal that I have on me.



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