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Beecher/Keller Song

I am in a very Scissory mood now. I rather enjoy this one not to say that I have not enjoyed the other songs, but there is something speical about this song. I guess it is the dirty factor with this song. Some of the lyric are dirty with out being nasty, 

Scissor Sisters, Available For You

I said I don't need a fancy lover
I had enough to do with them
But I could really use another
That could be more than just a friend
You possess a really sexy body
Runs through my mind most every day
But before we get too close too fast
I got more to say
I don't need nobody
Should he playing all them games
I don't want to see him switching girls
Where the labels got your name
But I call you on the telephone
And you tell me when your all alone
I'm sorry I had to talk to you
Baby just before the visions you got to make a decision

I'm available to you
If you promise your available for me
To do what I want to you
Cause I'm available to you
I heard that the revolution is over
I think a new one has just begun
With the notion that we could infiltrate
Undercover, that would be lots of fun
You know just how to drive me crazy
It's so hard to put up a fight
But if I'm begging for affection
I'd rather take cold showers every night
I'm not going to chase you
As if you just robbed a bank
If you ever get a lesson from your petty crimes
Your gonna pay the bank
Because I promised you the paper
But the paper got you good
If you have to ask me twice
You may show intentions but your ruining your chances



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