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Weird day.

I am typing this at my sister's house. I am housing sitting while she is in Florida with her husband and two kids. But today really has just been kind of weird. I got Shiny Toy Guns We are Pilots and The Souler Opposite today and that was kind of cool. I found out a few days ago that I am near sighted in one of my eyes and far sighted in the other. So when I went to get my new glasses it was kind of funny watching the guy have to fight with the computer. It is not very common for some one that be near sighted in on eye and far sighted int eh other so the computer kept asking him if what he had typed in was a mistake. Then when I was on my way back to Savannah to pick up my CD and movie I was doing a lot of thinking and remembering while I was listening to Tori Amos. Some how I got on the topic of "Who am I?" Not to say that I was thinking about who I was but just how people define themselves. I came to the conclusion most people do not answer who they are but rather what they are. They think of their job, gender, race etc. and they think that make up who they are. But really it is more of what they are. I think it does play in to who we are but it does not make what who we are completely. If it did lots of us would be the same. I also got think about my friend Julie's weird plan to get me to fall in love. You may not know but I have a very negative opinion of love. It is very common for me to say that "Love is an excuse to get hurt" or "I do not get the point of having to validate my existence with others." It is no surprise that since I think this way I find the majority of love stories to be trite and annoying. The only two that I have ever felt any connection two are Beecher and Keller's from OZ and Angel and Collins from Rent. Knowing this Julie came up with this great plan to make me fall in love. It really is two different plans. So Plan A is getting me sent to prison where I will some how piss of a Nazi then he will try to get a very charming and attractive man to manipulate me. Apparently she sees me as Toby. The main problem I have with this paln is the whole jail thing and the fact that it does not seem feasible. I guess I could change my major from history to law, go to Harvard, become an alcoholic, and then run over a little girl. But the only thing out of that list that will happen would en the alcoholism since I come from a family of addicts. Plan B was for me to become a teacher and fall in love with a tranny street performer in NYC. Now this one is a little better since I am planning on becoming a teacher and I would love to live in the Big Apple. But I would have to teach philosophy (blah) and have HIV. Then the person I feel in love with would die on me. So yeah that paln is out of the window too. I guess I will end up alone for quite sometime. How tragic.   

Edit: Sadly I will not be able to get on Livejournal chat thingy until the 29 but at least I will have more time to work on my last fic.



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