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Fuck Ancient Rome and Greece

Yeah I said it. As a history that is a paring of words that I thought would never come out of my mouth but now it has. It is really not the history of it that has annoyed me it is more of the ethics and even that is really not what has pushed my buttons. It is the three jackasses who sit behind me in my Ethics and Value in History class. They never shut the fuck up and they wonder why they barely got a D on the first test. The class does get boring because once you learn the basic ethics and values in Ancient Greece and Rome it becomes very redundant. Also since I have Art History I already it was a base for Ethics and values. I already knew what the ancient Romans valued in their idea man/woman and a good bit of their morals. All of their forms of art either related to what the idea person look like or to their stories (which is basically what they valued in a person morally). So having this knowledge the only thing left to introduced was the literature. Big surprise all of the epic poems and dramas from the time period so I already know what happens. Thank good we are getting to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance soon. The art from the Middle Ages sucks but the Renaissance is fantastic. I have taken an Art History II course as well so I know most of the art that we are going to cover but at least the majority is still intact. Ok rant over.



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Jun. 14th, 2006 01:51 pm (UTC)
w00t! I hear you about annoying classmates who wont shut up! There was a group like that in my Ethics class a couple semesters ago and I wanted to blow them up.
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