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NYC Trip Blow by Blow

So you have seen the pics I figured I would give you the info behind them now. So you can see the level of dorkiness that is scissorknot . The story really starts over a year and a half ago when the Model UN was formed at AASU (I was a founding member. How cool is that?). We find out that we applied to late to be included in that year’s budget (major suckages). So we loss all our members except for 4 (me included). After a years worth of drama and trying to find money (the school felt that we contributed nothing to the school nor the community so they decided to give us no money). We get four free roundtrip tickets to New York thanks to David and 3K from the Armstrong foundation. So we had everything ready to go. (WEEEEE)


Our flight left at 11:10. I get to the airport and find out I do not have my drives license (shit). So I have to go through extra security to make sure I am not taking the plane down. They wipe all of the stuff I am taking on the airplane with me (checking for explosive powder?). They finish up then we get on out plane. When we are about to land in Atlanta Airport (Busiest airport in the world. Fucking crazy) The pilot tells us that "during take off there was some vibration in the cabin. Which means that the rubber on the wheels has worn thin. We should be able to land but the truck (what the fuck is that) is meeting us on the runway just incase." We land no problem. Wait for our next flight to LaGuardia (shit hole). Get to New York a little after 4. Dr. Hall finds a "Pirate" limo to take us to the Marriot Marque in Time Square. We wait there until the other two-team members get back from the opening ceremonies (lucky bastards). WE then head to our secession in the hotel. I am in the General Assembly (that is the one with all the countries). We caucus as soon as we get in there (sounds a lot more fun then it really is). WE end of talking to a fe different countries but over all nothing much happens for the Delegates from Liechtenstein (that was our tiny country). Day ends at 10:30. We go out and walk around NYC. During the first night I found out I was a porn elitist. We went in a DVD shop and below was the adult section. All was fine until I saw the Japanese Toilet Cam porn. After that I got the fuck out because I had the feeling that the place was about to be raided by SVU (to bad there would be no Stabler then I might have stayed). So we go to Virgin mega store and I flip out (not really). I have been before but I fucking love this store. spend about an hour in the store. I would have gotten out faster but I spent a good twenty minutes laughing at the porn (straight/gay alike) titles. After that we just went back and hung out in the hotel rooms for a while.


Does not start until 2:00 P.M. so we decided to go to the Guggenheim. We take the subway/walk. So when we finally get there my back is fucking killing me. But that does not even take away from the awesomess I seeing a Dali up close. But those fucking pricks with the audio tour need to be shot. So we leave around noon to make it back to our hotel to change. I had a few hands linger on my ass longer then I liked during the ride so that kind of sucked. We get back change and go to session. Once again we go in to caucus but we get a note from Hungary asking would we like to work on a resolution with them. We go over and help them and end up becoming the second sponsor on a working paper (very cool). We end up talking to a kid representing Côte d'Ivoire. Nothing else really happens again. After the competition is over for the day we head out to get some food and walk around.


Day starts at 8:30 in the fucking morning. I have not been up this early in years. I am basically asleep on my feet until our first break. After that Rachel, John, and myself go to Roxie's and have lunch. After we get back we start to pimp out our working paper. To get a working paper past the first stage you have to get a minimum of 29 sponsors and signatories. We had 5 sponsors so we need to have 24 signatories. Sadly it is my day to BS. I do an ok job I end up getting Romania, Cuba, and another country to sign it. So we send out bill up to the chair to have them look at it and tell us what we need to change. So after five hours we still do not have our final copy back. We ask the chair about our paper and the cannot find it. The bastards lost out fucking paper. So we give them another copy and they tell us the are going to expedite the paper to us. We will have it in no time. So we go to dinner and we come back. Our paper still has not been returned to us. After the meeting is over at 10:00 P.M. we wait for another hour for them to finish working with the other papers that are ahead of us. When the finish they see out little group sitting there and ask were we waiting for them. WHAT THE FUCK? Turns out they forgot all about our paper. So they finally get to it but we cannot get it approved because the rep from Estonia is not present and since they are a sponsor they have to approve any changed to the paper. So we end the night with me very annoyed and pissed off. We got out like normal the end up hanging out in the hotel room until I go up to my room.


Day starts at the same time as yesterday. We are franticly looking for the girl from Estonia so we can get out paper passed because we find out that after 10 the chair is not taking any papers. She is nowhere to be found. We end up calling her room and finding out her ass is still asleep. Again What the Fuck? WE have to take a representative from the Council of Europe to sit in for her so we can get out paper turned in to a resolution. After our paper was approved we now have to do even more pimping to get the word out for our paper. On Friday we decided to finally vote on the resolutions. Which sucks for us because we have had zero time to promote our paper. So during the voting on 18 different resolutions (ours was 17th) we have 4 roll call votes. A roll call vote is when the chair goes down the list of every country in the general assembly and asks what their vote is. Needless to say these taking for fucking ever. We even had two in a row. What was really annoying was that the same country requested 2 of the four and countries that had not been there all week did three of them. So we finally get to our resolution and it passes barely. 52 yes's and 49 no's. After that day is over we go out to eat. We got to Benihana's (not my choice) and wait over an hour for a fucking table. After we are done eating we catch two cabs to the Empire State Building. I ride with David and we have a nice time in the cab. We get back and hang out in John's room for a bit then we go up to my room and Erica, David, and myself hang out for a while.


I feel like shit so I do not go to the last session and the closing ceremony. I end up sleeping most of the day away. My and David go to Virgin Mega store again, then the Heresy Store, and M&M World (I got a key chain there because of Oz will post a pic later). I find out after we got back that we won an Honorable Mention (A third place award) We spend the rest of the afternoon/night/morning staying up so Kelli and David will not fall asleep and miss their 6 AM flight. Erica and I end up staying up with them so we get to bed around 4:30. We both get a call around 7 saying that John wants us to meet him down stairs. We both ignore it and go back to sleep. Rachel calls me and asks to get the info for our flight so we can get our boarding passes. Turns out John is going to rent a limo so we all can go together to the airport. Great but he did not listen to Dr. Hall about how we got a limo for 60 dollars. He finds out that it cost $140 for a real limo. So we end up taking a cab to the airport. Fucking as woke us up to get to the airport two hours early and sit there until 11:58. But it turns out that we got upgraded to business class for the long portion of the flight. (How cool is that?) Erica and I end up eating at the Atlanta Bread Company and the Ben & Jerried. We get on the last flight and end up back in Savannah sadly. That is the trip in a nutshell.



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Mar. 30th, 2007 03:32 pm (UTC)
Hmmmm, sounds about like the real UN. Sounds like you had a good time over all though. Thanks for sharing!
Mar. 30th, 2007 04:38 pm (UTC)
Yeah it reminded me of The Simpsons episode were the did model UN. They were arguing and one of the characters says "Are we going to argue like grade school students or are we going to act like the real UN?"
Apr. 2nd, 2007 03:44 pm (UTC)
"Are we going to argue like grade school students or are we going to act like the real UN?"

Isn't that basically saying the same thing? LOL
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